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Artigo publicado no Boletim da Sociedade Brasileira de Economia Ecológica (ECOECO) No 32/33 - Janeiro a Dezembro de 2013.
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The objective of this study is to discuss the potential of a REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) mechanism in combination with several regulatory instruments. This combination of command and control and economic instruments associated with carbon markets could increase provision of ecosystem services beyond the sto...


... Source: PCI Website. C. Milhorance, M. Bursztyn Land Use Policy 75 (2018) 11-20 policies towards the agri-business sector have led to a substantial increase in agricultural production over the last decade, particularly in soybeans, which witnessed an average annual increase of 10% per year from 2000 to 2009 (Andrade et al., 2013). In 2016, Mato Grosso's estimated production was more than 14 million hectares planted and 2.7 million heads of cattle slaughtered, ranking it as the largest beef producer in Brazil (IBGE 2017). ...
... One of the aforementioned characteristics was the participation of several actors with credibility in an adequate institutional arrangement. Studies indicate the importance of the articulation of actors involved in projects aimed at conservation in private lands (MAY et al., 2012;RISSMAN;SAYRE, 2012). In the case of the Formoso Vivo, it is interesting to observe that the interviewees saw the active presence of the Public Prosecutor's Office represented by the prosecutor as positive. ...