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Demographic features of the cat owner population and relevant descriptive statistics. (DOCX)
Cat owner questionnaire. Items included are relevant to all variables and analyses conducted within the paper. Questionnaire was available online via Survey Monkey from June-July of 2016. (DOCX)
Demographic features of the cat population and relevant descriptive statistics. (DOCX)
Summary outputs from GLM and GLMM minimum adequate models. (DOCX)
Cat behavioural profiles. Profiles based on PC loadings for owner reported cat behaviour. All items retained loaded at ≥ |0.4|. Negative loadings for questions are indicated in bold. (DOCX)
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Human personality may substantially affect the nature of care provided to dependants. This link has been well researched in parents and children, however, relatively little is known about this dynamic with regards to humans’ relationships with non-human animals. Owner interactions with companion animals may provide valuable insight into the wider p...


... Pets in strong owner-pet relationships provide a more significant buffer against stress for their owners than human partners or friends (Foreman et al. 2017;Hall et al. 2016;Lass-Hennemann et al. 2020). Moreover, strong attachment to a pet can resemble a caregiverinfant relationship (Payne et al. 2015), and owner personality can determine pet behavior (Finka et al. 2019). Research has investigated how different kinds of pets influence their owners (Machová et al. 2019); for example, research on dog owners shows they have higher life satisfaction than cat owners (Bao and Schreer 2016). ...