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The technical feasibility of using stopper-derived cork as an effective biosorbent towards bivalent mercury at environmentally relevant concentrations and conditions was evaluated in this study. Only 25 mg/L of cork powder was able to achieve 94 % of mercury removal for an initial mercury concentration of 500 μg/L. It was found that under the condi...


... Table 4 presents the equilibrium data (q e,M and R M ), the ratio q e, mixture /q e, single and the selectivity coefficient, S Pd/M , obtained for Pd and the other metallic species (Al(III), Mo(VI) and Ni(II)) in multicomponent systems using Puro-gold™ A194 resin. The parameter S Pd/M of Purogold™ A194 resin is determined by the ratio between the distribution coefficients K (defined as the ratio between q e and C e ) of Pd and the other metal M (M = Al, Mo, and Ni) at equilibrium (S Pd/M = K Pd /K M ) (Lopes et al. 2014). ...