Jinsong Zhang's research while affiliated with Anhui Agricultural University (AHAU) and other places

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Selenium status is an established factor in the incidence, outcome or virulence of various RNA viral infections. Because China has geographic regions that range from extremely high to extremely low selenium intakes, we hypothesized that selenium status might influence the outcome of COVID-19 in these areas. For our analysis, we used reported cumula...
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When the SARS genomic sequence became available early in 2003, I was able to identify 2 programmed ribosomal frameshift sites in the virus, both associated with an in-frame UGA (potential selenocysteine) codon in the overlapping reading frame. Both of these frameshift sites were later shown to be functional via in vitro reporter gene assays. Dr. Ji...


... The clinical trials of iron chelation therapy for COVID- 19 are ongoing (NCT04333550, NCT04361032, NCT04389801). Intriguingly, the available data suggested that the selenium level is positively associated with clinical complications and outcomes, 253,254 which supports selenium supplementation in COVID-19 patients. 255 Selenium was reported to induce GPX4 expression to protect cells from ferroptosis in the model of stroke 256 and further applied for COVID-19 (NCT04869579, NCT04798677, NCT04751669, NCT04323228). ...