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Technical Report
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The purpose of this report is to present an initial diagnostic analysis of the Indonesian agricultural innovation system, to identify priority areas that could be addressed to better support innovation, and to explore options and opportunities to do this in the scope and comparative advantage of ARISA. The report is based on an innovation system la...
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Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) has emerged as a growing interest, bringing together innovation studies and development research. Its basic premise is that innovation can and should play a central role in making development more inclusive. Using the secondary data of 250 initiatives reported by academia, civil society, businesses, and go...


... The existing failures are considered to be the result of paternalistic fallacy, an incorrect approach because the Government applies a centralistic paradigm. Top-down decisions have resulted in unsustainable development initiatives, ineffective & well-targeted development, or community reluctance and unpreparedness to continue the development (Nugroho, et al., 2015). The Government's decision-making paradigm should be replaced with a bottom-up, and the first stage is the first to be implemented. ...