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Climate change has emerged as a growing threat to the European economy, whose economic losses are relevant for global growth. Rising temperatures and worsening extreme events are expected to affect climate-vulnerable sectors. Due to the economic integration within the European Union (EU), these impacts will likely have spillover effects and feedbac...
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Cette publication a été développée avec le support technique des équipes scientifiques de Climate Analytics, dans le cadre de la Composante 2, Activité II.3 du projet Projet d’Appui Scientifique aux processus de Plans Nationaux d’Adaptation dans les pays francophones les moins avancés d’Afrique subsaharienne (PAS-PNA). Cette publication peut être r...


... Warming is already having a negative effect on labour in most parts of the world, particularly in tropical regions, and will continue to do so. Warming affects the number of hours worked (labour supply) [1][2][3][4][5], output during these working hours (labour productivity) [6], and labour capacity [7][8][9]. This in turn has implications for economic output, and general and occupational health [10,11], absenteeism [12], and labour rights. ...