Jérôme Salomon's research while affiliated with Ministry of Health, France and other places

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We conducted a retrospective analysis of all reports in ProMED-mail that were initially classified as undiagnosed diseases during 2007-2018. We identified 371 cases reported in ProMED-mail; 34% were later diagnosed. ProMED-mail could be used to supplement other undiagnosed disease surveillance systems worldwide.


... A review of ProMed reports of undiagnosed disease events shows that those events mainly occurred within low-resource countries. 2 New, emerging infectious diseases also present first as outbreaks of unknown aetiology, as in the first cases of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome and coronavirus disease 2019. 3 From our experience and literature review, little information is available to the scientific community about outbreaks where the cause is not identified or where there is controversy around the primary agent involved. ...
... Nevertheless, physicians are not confident in their knowledge about the topic of CC and health (Valois et al., 2016). Owing to some philosophical, political, organizational and professional constraints FDs/FPs and clinicians as whole do not feel themselves as key actors in such issues (Boyer et al., 2019) especially in the field of CC (Belkin, 2020;Solomon & LaRocque, 2019 and community level. As highly trusted professionals, physicians are uniquely placed to educate their patients about the health consequences of a warming planet and to encourage public health and community efforts in this regard. ...