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This case study focusing on a residence in northern California was undertaken as a demonstration of the potential of a systems approach to HVAC retrofits. The systems approach means that other retrofits that can affect the HVAC system are also considered. For example, added building envelope insulation reduces building loads so that smaller capacit...


... Requires knowledge of duct areas, high uncertainty [96,105,160] Pressure matching with powered, calibrated fan operating as flow hood Typically greater accuracy than capture hood [97,105,106,183,184] Continuous flow measurements Flow meters installed directly into HVAC system (e.g. venturi meters, flow nozzles, orifice meters, rotameters) Invasive, requires HVAC access, data logger, and power [96,190] Duct pressure correlations with spot flow measurements Simple and cost-effective, requires data logger and power [102,[107][108][109] Outdoor air (OA) fraction in mechanical HVAC systems Tracer (e.g., temperature, CO 2 , or SF 6 ) in RA, SA, and OA Accuracy issues at low concentration changes, high costs for accurate sensors, requires injection, data logger, and power [110,191] Zone tracer testing (e.g., CO 2 , SF 6 ) coupled with room volume Costly, labor intensive, requires assumptions for mixing [111][112][113][114][115]192] Building automation system (BAS) readings, including economizer settings Often low accuracy, sensor reliability, requires access to facility data, typically only present in large buildings [193] Air change rates (ACH) Active tracer gas (e.g., CO 2 or SF 6 ) ...