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Purpose was to characterise seismogenic parameters of Oca-Ancon, Valera and Mene Grande and faults. Estimated velocities: 2.5 - 4 mm/a,1 mm/a and 0.1 mm/a. Max. Probable Magnitudes :7.5, 6.9 and 6.2 Time recurrence: 1000 years,2000 years and 1200 years. Two trenches along active traces of Mene Grande and Valera faults are shown.


... In terms of slip rate, most Quaternary tectonic features in Northern Falcón are rather slow, showing slip rates generally below 0.4 mm/a. The major Oca-Ancón fault system is the exception to this, with a maximum slip rate close to 2 mm/a (Audemard 1993, Audemard and Singer 1994, Audemard et al. 1994, Soulas and Giraldo 1994, Audemard 1996, Audemard and Singer 1996, Audemard et al. 2000. The Coast and Interior ranges of northcentral and eastern Venezuela is the only portion of the plate boundary zone to result from rather simple direct interaction between the Caribbean and South America plates. ...