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Background and aims: Colour is one of the main floral traits used by pollinators to locate flowers. Although pollinators show innate colour preferences, the view that the colour of a flower may be considered an important predictor of its main pollinators is highly controversial because flower choice is highly context-dependent, and initial innate...


... When traits involved in mediating species interactions are phylogenetically conserved, therefore, phylogeny and traits should predict network structure to similar degrees (Goḿez and Perfectti, 2010;Kantsa et al., 2018;Villalobos et al., 2019). At network level, some studies revealed more importance of pollinator traits and phylogenetic history in determining network structure (Rezende et al., 2007b;Revertéet al., 2016), whereas others found the reverse (Chamberlain et al., 2014). At the species level, however, only few networks showed important roles of phylogeny for traits in determining species-level network metrics (Chamberlain et al., 2014). ...