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Scholars use the theoretical lens of bias to research various behavioral phenomena in entrepreneurship. We assess this body of research, focusing on definitional issues and relationships. Furthermore, we discuss how the study of bias in entrepreneurship can be advanced, given the new development in related fields such as cognitive sciences. The ass...


... This discrepancy reflects different decision making, which is associated with the cognitive heuristics that are embedded in the uncertainty of entrepreneurial activities. In an uncertain situation that effectively represents entrepreneurial decision making (Zhang & Cueto, 2017), time pressure and resource constraints can limit individuals' cognitive capabilities in deciding whether to enter entrepreneurship (Busenitz & Barney, 1997), and cognitive heuristics are more likely to make a difference (Luan et al., 2019): using loss aversion to trigger avoidance actions and reduce potential loss or using affordable loss to take experimental action to control unknown loss in a small scale. ...