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As the worldwide population ages, and modern medical techniques for resuscitation advance, near-death experiences (NDEs) are more and more frequently reported. NDEs include more than the popular notions of moving through a tunnel or seeing a light at the end. They also include people, once revived, knowing things the knowledge of which can't curren...


... items for the KANDES-K were developed based on a critical review of the NDE literature and, as with the KANDE-A, co-author Holden's expertise. Items were categorized into one of two domains: "NDE Content, common elements that NDErs encounter during their NDE; and NDE Aftereffects, common post-NDE psychological, spiritual, physical, and social changes among NDErs(Holden, 2012;Holden et al., 2009)"(Pace et al., 2016, p. 177).Pace et al. (2016) utilized a focus group consisting of NDE experts across healthcare disciplines to establish both content and face validity. The feedback from focus group participants resulted in revisions to both KANDES-A and K. ...