Janelle Amato's research while affiliated with Pennsylvania State University and other places

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To measure retention of oral reading fluency, three students attending a learning support classroom used a repeating reading strategy with two passages. Each student read one passage to a high performance standard and the other passage to a lower performance standard. Results show it took the students more practice to reach the higher performance s...


... Frequency building was implemented via cross age peer tutoring in one study (Greene et al., 2018); however, a number of studies describing frequency building noted that students worked independently or with their peers (e.g., Chiesa & Robertson, 2000;Mannion & Griffin, 2018). Each of the following were reported on one study respectively: A web-based intervention (Hayes et al., 2018), repeated reading (Kubina et al., 2008), frequency building with self-regulated learning framework (Sleeman et al., 2019). Teach-test-chart-review was reported as the intervention in two studies (Griffin & Murtagh, 2015;Roberts & Norwich, 2010). ...