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The food and beverage (F&B) sector has witnessed a significant rise in online food ordering and delivery companies. Through the consumer journey framework, this study aims to uncover the triggers pertaining to each stage in this journey. An exploratory qualitative research approach was adopted: semi‐structured interviews were conducted with 33 cust...


... Recent studies on FDPs have tended to utilize statistical analysis (Fakfare, 2021;Hwang et al., 2021;Mehrolia et al., 2021;Wang et al., 2019) and qualitative research (Farah et al., 2021), while few have made use of multi-attribute decision-making (MADM) methods, forming a methodological gap in the research area. Unlike classic statistical approaches, which require a minimum of 200 samples to validate the causal association between variables (Hoe, 2008), MADM methods only require 10 samples (Tsai, 2020;Tsai & Chen, 2021) to produce useful research (Tsai & Chen, 2021). ...