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1 / Geometric Algebra.- 1-1. Axioms, Definitions and Identities.- 1-2. Vector Spaces, Pseudoscalars and Projections.- 1-3. Frames and Matrices.- 1-4. Alternating Forms and Determinants.- 1-5. Geometric Algebras of PseudoEuclidean Spaces.- 2 / Differentiation.- 2-1. Differentiation by Vectors.- 2-2. Multivector Derivative, Differential and Adjoints....


... A signature and dimension agnostic approach to the exponential and logarithmic maps for rotors in all geometric algebras R p,q,r was recently published. 1 However, the topic of renormalization has so far experienced disparate treatment depending on the signature of the algebra [2][3][4][5] and is limited to geometric algebras of dimension n < 6. The limit at n = 6 occurs because at this point quadvectors stop squaring to scalars, a property these methods take advantage of. ...