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Clostridium phytofermentans was isolated from forest soil and is distinguished by its capacity to directly ferment plant cell wall polysaccharides into ethanol as the primary product, suggesting that it possesses unusual catabolic pathways. The objective of the present study was to understand the molecular mechanisms of biomass conversion to ethano...


... The overabundance of Cazymes is not necessarily related to high enzymatic activity, as it depends on the genomic context such as the possible presence of a promoter (Williams-Rhaesa et al. 2018), operon (Chakraborty et al. 2021). Indeed, Clostridia phytofermentas, which is a very good lignocellulolytic degrader (Tolonen et al. 2011) and expresses several high lignocellulolytic enzymatic activities (Petit et al. 2015), secreted approximately 80 Cazymes (among the 161 present in its genome) in silico, which confirms that a very high abundance of Cazymes does not necessarily indicate excellent enzymatic activity. ...