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We examine to what extent successful business-development activities in uncertain environments can be classified as corporate foresight (CF) and to what extent they have been intentional and systematic. Beginning with identifying successful cases of new-business development in Bottom of the Pyramid markets, we use various data sources to reconstruc...


... Since the late 1980s, the term foresight has been used to describe a normal human practice (Heiko et al., 2010). In organisations that advise and plan actions, the terms strategic, operational, and corporate foresight have been used somewhat synonymously and characterise anticipatory activities (Højland and Rohrbeck, 2018). Martin (2010) stressed that foresight is concerned with the long-term future; Vecchiato and Roveda (2010) coined the term strategic foresight to highlight the near connection between foresight and strategy (Coates et al., 2010). ...