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With the growing complexity of, and reliance on, safety-related electrical/electronic (E/E) systems in the automotive sector, the development of an explicit safety case is highly recommended to provide assurance to the different stakeholders interested in automotive functional safety. The production of a safety case is explicitly mandated by the dr...


... Recently, GSN method has been incorporated into ISO 26262 to satisfy the critical safety assurance of automotive systems [66]. From the literature review, the GSN approach has been used in automotive domain mainly (i) to structure the content of safety cases [67,68] (ii) to establish reusable patterns and modules (particularly for software safety cases) [69][70][71][72], and (iii) to automate the generation process of GSN modules with respect to the model-driven development and assessment (SysML for example) [73,74]. Moreover, both process-based [68,75] and product-based [67,76] safety cases have been discussed, while focusing more on software and subsystems safety cases. ...