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Non-resonant laser-induced thermal acoustics (LITA) was applied to measure Mach number, temperature and turbulence level along the centerline of a transonic nozzle flow. The accuracy of the measurement results was systematically studied regarding misalignment of the interrogation beam and frequency analysis of the LITA signals. 2D steady-state Reyn...


... Besides influence from inherent shot-to-shot variation, experimental scatter observed can further be affected by non-ideal temporal variation of postreflected shock conditions, estimated less than 2% for temperature T 5 at test time instant according to Peterson and Hanson [8]. Similar findings were reported by Richter et al. [46] who observed a negative frequency chirp, i.e., temporally decreasing signal frequency, that is indicative of gradually decreasing sound speed and temperature in the post-reflected shock regime, even for tailored interface conditions. ...