J M A Lenihan's scientific contributions

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By Frederick Roberts London: Museum Press Ltd. 1964. Pp. 143. Price 15s. 'The beginnings of our present age of science were about three hundred years ago, during the sixteenth century.' Mr. Roberts' book does have the nineteenth century flavour suggested by this quotation from the opening chapter.


... He views them as opposing interventional strategies in the design of cities, and yet as entirely compatible strategies in urban resuscitation efforts, with the ability to function within a loose both/ and somewhat randomized pattern as opposed to a rigidly didactic either/ or polarity (deCerteau, 1988). Denise Scott Brown and other leading urban designers have similarly advocated for the virtues of both/ and spontaneous spatial interventions in the everyday urban milieu (Scott-Brown, 1990;Crawford, 2008). Portable architecture personifies what can be achieved if thoughtfully, imaginatively, and effectively implemented. ...