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The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the feasibility and potential utility of decision-centric social-economic monitoring using data collected from Great Barrier Reef (Reef) region. The social and economic long term monitoring program (SELTMP) for the Reef is a novel attempt to monitor the social and economic dimensions of social-ecological chan...


... Coral reefs are particularly vulnerable ecological systems and their strong relationship to tourism economies and local communities (Cater & Richardson, 2017;Garrod & Gössling, 2007;Le et al., 2019;Marshall et al., 2016) means that post disaster management responses and longer-term strategies towards resilience are of considerable importance (Crosweller & Tschakert, 2021). This was emphasised in March 2017, following damage to the coral reef when severe ex-Tropical Cyclone (TC) Debbie made landfall in the Whitsunday Region (TEQ, 2019). ...