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In this study, we describe HerbValo, which is both a calculation method and a tool that can be used on commercial farms to track the amount of pasture grazed annually in each paddock. At present, HerbValo can be used for dairy cow, suckling cow, or dairy goat operations. First, farmers record grazing or cutting events that take place in each paddoc...
Intervention présentée aux Journées de l'AFPF, "Le pâturage au coeur des systèmes d'élevage de demain", les 21 et 22 mars 2017


... Refusals were also considered for these feeds and were reported by the farmers. For grass at pasture, the value of fresh grass intake was estimated from an equation considering the ingested quantities of distributed feeds, their nutritive value, performance of the dairy herd and the fill value of the fresh grass (Delagarde et al., 2017). ...