Iulia David's research while affiliated with Petru Maior University of Târgu Mures and other places

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Exploitation at Roşia Montană (Romania) is a very important issue, not only from the economic point of view but also socially, historical and not the least, political. This project is widely publicized and its impact goes beyond the borders of Romania. This study aims to realize an analysis of the issue of starting the exploitation of Roşia Montană...


... Several studies [2,27,28] revealed that expropriation has a detrimental impact on the health of expropriated landholders. In addition, it has caused community and family tensions, as well as increased instability among expropriated landholders' families [38]. According to Guo et al. [24], expropriation schemes have resulted in drastic changes in rural households' livelihoods in China. ...