Isidoro Sánchez Vega's research while affiliated with Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca, Cajamarca and other places

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A taxonomic treatment, phylogeny based on analysis of six DNA sequence markers (ITS, ndhA intron, rpl32-trnL , rps3 , rps16 intron and rps16-trnK ) and classification of Muhlenbergia for Peru is given. Seventeen species and one presumed hybrid are recognised. Muhlenbergiaromaschenkoisp. nov. is newly described from the Río Huallaga Valley, northeas...


... Th e morphology of caryopses has long been used traditionally as one of the very informative taxonomic characters to determine the identity (Hillman, 1916;Jensen, 1957;Bogdan, 1965;Banerjee & al., 1981;Matsutani, 1986;Terrel & Peterson, 1993;Lazarides, 1997;Liu & al., 2005;Nesbitt, 2006;Peterson & Sánchez Vega, 2007) and to resolve the evolutionary patterns (Karihaloo & Malik, 1994;Koul & al., 2000) of many genera, species and infra-specifi c categories in the family Poaceae. During the recent decade, a number of studies have been published on the caryopses morphology of diff erent taxonomic groups within the tribe Eragrostideae Stapf in the world (Lazarides, 1997;Boechat & Longhi-Wagner, 2003;Liu & al., 2005;Peterson & Sánchez Vega, 2007;Gandhi & al., 2013;Vivek & al., 2015) and found to be of taxonomically very signifi cant character. ...