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A review of Ishtiyaque Haji's book, Moral Appraisability: Puzzles, Proposals and Perplexities


... Furthermore, qualifying the nature of such a relationship is crucial for compatibilist theories of free will and responsibility, often relying on the theoretical structure of the causal theory in order to justify agential control in the absence of agent causation (McKenna 2011). In particular, according to most actualsequence compatibilist (Haji 1998) and semi-compatibilist (Fischer & Ravizza 1998) views, the agent is acting freely and/or is responsible for her action, if she acts intentionally, i.e., if she acts on the basis of the mental states constituting her reasons for action. Crucially, actual-sequence accounts contend that, for an action to be intentional, free will is not required at the level of the selection between alternatives: I am freely and/or responsibly grasping that glass of water to the extent that I intended to do so, independently of whether I could have done something else. ...