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Agriculture contributes to a significant proportion of global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) but can also participate in climate change mitigation. The introduction of legumes in crop rotations reduces the dependence on N fertilizers and may mitigate the carbon (C) footprint of cropping systems. The aim of this study was to quantify the C foot...
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Huella de carbono de sistemas de cultivo de bajos insumos en el valle del Garona, Francia: rol de las leguminosas grano y cultivos cubierta


... Reduction in fertiliser use, reduced tillage intensity and introduction of crop rotation may reduce GHG emissions from agricultural land (Oertel et al. 2016). By sowing legumes in rotation with cereals, crop rotation can reduce GHG emissions (Plaza-Bonilla et al. 2018) while also improving carbon (C) sequestration (Poeplau et al. 2015). For instance, the demand for N fertiliser decreases without reducing yield or grain quality (Plaza-Bonilla et al. 2017). ...