Iman F. S. El-Mahdi's research while affiliated with Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI) and other places

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True spiders represent one of the most important natural predatory species in Egyptian fields. In this work, common true spiders were surveyed in wheat, cotton and maize fields, and were counted weekly by using the direct method. For evaluating the feeding consumption of true spiders, five feeding cases were tested (as preys). These cases were: egg...


... Generally, spiders are known to have a wide range of potential as predators of several insects, suppressing their populations on field crops (Mehto et al., 1986;Mansour and Heimbach, 1993;El-Naggar et al., 1999 andSwaminathan et al., 2015) by feeding on all life stages of the prey (Ibrahim et al., 2012 andAbo-zaed et al., 2018). In Egypt, biological, ecological and taxonomical studies concerning spiders as predators of aphids (El-Heneidy & Abbas, 1984;El-Hennawy, 1992 andAbo-zaed et al., 2018) still need further investigations to determine which species can be used as biological control agents. ...