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Facilitated-voluntary geographic information (f-VGI) is a promising method to enable systematic collection of data from residents about their physical and social environment. The method capitalizes on ubiquitous mobile smartphones to empower collection of geospatially-referenced data. It is important to evaluate the validity of user-generated conte...
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Problem: The built environment strongly influences health and lifestyles. For example, environment contributes to differences in physical activity, diet and the prevalence of obesity. Public data systems lack detail and coding that allow different sources to be merged. They also lack currency or fine local resolution. Crowdsourcing and volunteered...


... First, most of the visual elements are in strongly positive correlations with the running amount, except for pixel ratios of traffic light and motorcycle. The reason might be that other traffic breaks runners' momentum and continuous rhythm of running, and causes low satisfaction on the running environment (Deelen et al., 2017;Ettema, 2016;Huang, Jiang & Yuan, 2022;Kalvelage et al., 2018;Nixon, 2012). ...