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Stoyanov K., Raycheva Ts. & Cheschmedzhiev I. 2022. Key to the native and foreign vascular plants in Bulgaria. Interactive extended and supplemented edition. Academic Publishing House of the Agrarian University. (in Bulgarian). ISBN 978-954-517-313-4 This is the lightweght version of our mobile interactive key. You can download also versions for...
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The book contains determination keys for the vascular plants (wild and cultivated) in Bulgaria and the neighboring territories of Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. The determination tables contain 6963 species (native and foreign) in 1322 genera from 310 families. (in Bulgarian)


... tenuifolia subsp. sibthorpiana) is the only representative of the genus in the Bulgarian flora [2,3]. It is a perennial, aromatic plant with a hard stem reaching up to 50 cm in height, branching almost from the base and densely covered with trichomes. ...