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Escherichia coli ST131 is a cause for global concern because of its high multidrug resistance and several virulence factors. In this study, the contribution of acrAB–TolC efflux system of E. coli ST131 to fluoroquinolone resistance was evaluated. A total of nonrepetitive 111 ciprofloxacin-resistant E. coli isolates were included in the study. Multi...


... Both GI-1s also shared a putative tolC, which encodes a multifunctional outer membrane channel. E. coli TolC interacts with various inner membrane transporters (e.g., AcrAB, AcrD, and MdtABC) and forms part of the HlyA T1SS complex (reviewed in [75]), thereby playing critical mechanistic roles in the excretion of a wide range of molecules, including antibiotics [76], bile salts [77,78], antimicrobial peptides such as colicin V [79], and the toxin, α-hemolysin [80,81]. Inactivation of tolC has been shown to result in bacterial susceptibility to various antibiotics [82]. ...