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This review aimed to clarify the benefits and detrimental effects of cattle on a range of unimproved habitats, wildlife species and on the landscape in Scotland. Specifically the review aimed to: a) collate existing published and unpublished information on the impact of cattle on specific unimproved habitats, wildlife species and the landscape; b)...


... As an example, a loss of short grass is a critical factor in reducing bird diversity at lower stocking rates of sheep (Vickery et al., 2001;Evans et al., 2005). Wright et al. (2006) reviewed the effects of cattle grazing of unimproved habitats on vegetation, birds, mammals and invertebrates. They concluded that cattle were less selective in their grazing behaviour than other domestic herbivores, leading to a different impact on unimproved, semi-natural habitats and the establishment of a structurally more diverse sward -a result of a reduction in cover by tussock-forming species that creates more niches for plant regeneration. ...