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Background/Objectives: The orientation and assessment of land use systems have an important role in the agricultural production development; restructuring of commodity product markets; improvements in income and living standards of the associated communities. Through this research, we aim to assess the potential of land in the Viet-Yen District (Vi...


... Superposition of land use expectations and competition over land uses for different projects have produced conflicts, mainly due to ignorance of rights (physical or social), forceful displacement, and delayed justice Torre et al., 2014;Wehrmann, 2008). The large development projects especially the dams are directly proportionate to the increase in the population (demand); but, mainly affected agricultural lands (Ha et al., 2016), natural resources (Ostrom & Nagendra, 2006), which has created frustrations in rural masses (Nüsser, 2003). Such oppositions encouraged them to unite and protest for their rights, through voice attitudes (in the sense of Hirschman, 1970), protestations, recourse to the tribunals, or violent oppositions. ...