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The genus Salsola L. (Russian thistle, Saltwort) includes halophyte plants and is considered one of the largest genera in the family Amaranthaceae. The genus involves annual semi-dwarf to dwarf shrubs and woody tree. The genus Salsola is frequently overlooked, and few people are aware of its significance. The majority of studies focus on pollen mor...


... The name Salsola is derived from the Latin name "Salsus" which means salty, referring to the salt tolerance plants belonging to the genus. Plants of genus Salsola are widespread halophytes found in arid and semi-arid regions of Africa, Middle East, Europe and Central Asia (Murshid et al., 2022). More than 140 species of genus Salsola have been reported in literature, but the exact number of species has not been reported yet (Hanif, Ali, Rasool, Tanveer, & Chauhan, 2018). ...