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In the fabrication of a-Si photoreceptor for electrophotography (Fig.1), it is important to understand physical and chemical reactions in glow-discharge plasma [1] in order to improve film quality and to achieve high deposition rate [2] and uniformity of the film, because of its thickness of about 30 μm and large area.


... The optical gap width of the p-type a-SiC: H layer can also be obtained larger in the presence of carbon, besides that the presence of the amount of hydrogen also affects the optical gap increase, so it is often used as a transparent layer that is doped in solar cell applications, sensors, and electrolysis [6][7][8]. Increasing the width of the optical gap with the presence of carbon in the network layer of the p-type a-SiC: H followed by a worsening of its electrical properties and increased disorder [9][10][11]. The presence of carbon can increase the width of the state density in the tail region of the energy band, which can decrease the drift mobility thus worsening the electrical properties, whereas the reduction in disorder is thought to be due to the presence of trigonal C=C sp 2 in the sp 3 tetrahedral amorphous network [12][13]. ...