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Prepared for: Center for Public Policy. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Virginia Commonwealth University, 2001. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 464-476).


... Therefore, reviewing the literature of historical books and hikayat, to list a few, is important in order to understand past events that may be related to historical urban form. & Kostov (2004) Plan of streets and property boundaries, land use, the urban fabric of buildings and materials Lynch (1984) Path, edges, districts, nodes and landmarks Scargil (1979) Buildings and skylines Krier (1979) Squares (buildings) and streets Valente-Pereira (1982) Landscape/soil, outdoor spaces, buildings Morris (1994) Walls, streets, markets, churches © 2018 by MIP Heryanto (2001) Building form, street pattern, land use, open space, skyline. Anderson et al. (1996) Type of urban settlement (market town, central business district or suburbs) Williams et al. (2000) Building materials, facades and fenestration, housing type, street type and their spatial arrangement / layout Dempsey et al. (2008) Size, shapes, scale, density, landuses, building types, urban block layout, distribution of green spaces This paper is organized as follows. ...