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p>This study aims to describe in general the performance of Wonolangan Sugar Factory and to analyze the comparison of sugarcane farming with a non-sugarcane commodity in the working area of Wonolangan Sugar Factory. Wonolangan Sugar Factory is located in Probolinggo Regency, almost 90% of sugarcane raw material is obtained from Lumajang Regency. Co...


... The study by Pratiwi, Wibowo, and Wibowo (2021) in Probolinggo Regency stated that the lack of attention and strict protection from the government such as fertilizer distribution, the existence of the highest retail price (HET) of sugar, and farm business credit affect the competitiveness of sugarcane farming. The aforementioned factors certainly affects the shrinkage of sugarcane production and productivity (Pratiwi et al., 2021). ...