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The failure envelope approach is commonly used to assess the capacity of shallow foundations under combined loading, but there is limited published work that compares the performance of various numerical procedures for determining failure envelopes. This paper addresses this issue by carrying out a detailed numerical study to evaluate the accuracy,...


... This approach has been increasingly adopted to design offshore shallow foundations (Gottardi and Butterfield, 1993;Gourvenec and Randolph, 2003;Vulpe et al., 2014). Failure envelopes of skirted shallow foundations under planar vertical V, horizontal H and moment M loading have been investigated comprehensively under various boundary conditions (Bransby and Randolph, 1998;Gourvenec, 2008;Bransby and Yun, 2009;Mana et al., 2013;Liu et al., 2014;Shen et al., 2016;Dunne and Martin, 2017;Fiumana et al., 2019;Zhuang et al., 2019;Suryasentana et al., 2020Suryasentana et al., , 2021Feng et al., 2021;Liu et al., 2021;Du et al., 2022). The loading angle θ (Fig. 1) from horizontal to moment load directions (according to the right-hand rule) that obeys clockwise positive convention is set as 90 • and 270 • in most previous studies, i.e., H and M act in a plane. ...