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In the Australian subtropics, flying-foxes (family Pteropididae) play a fundamental ecological role as forest pollinators. Flying-foxes are also reservoirs of the fatal zoonosis, Hendra virus. Understanding flying fox foraging ecology, particularly in agricultural areas during winter, is critical to determine their role in transmitting Hendra virus...


... However, flying fox bat geographical distribution is highly dependent on food sources, a combination of nectar, pollen and fruit, especially those produced by Eucalyptus trees in woodlands and open forests [127][128][129]; therefore, a lack of food resources due to deforestation and climate change may disperse flying foxes outside their typical habitats with consequent increased levels of stress. Studies using urine cortisol concentrations to measure the physiological stress in Pteropid bats have pointed out that lower winter temperatures increase cortisol concentrations, which are associated with HeV excretion in flying foxes [130,131]. ...