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Methylmercury (MeHg) is an extremely important environmental toxicant posing serious health risks to human health and a big source of environmental pollutant. Numerous evidence available showing a link between nervous system toxicity and MeHg exposure. Other forms of mercury are reason of metabolic toxic effects and alteration of DNA in the human b...


... CBD can hamper ROS production by chelating the transfer metal ions involved in the Fenton reaction and preventing highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (Hamelink et al. 2005). CBD also protects and prevents the oxidation of nonenzymatic anti-oxidants such as glutathione (GSH) in the heart tissue by lowering the ROS level (Maqbool et al. 2019;Mohammadi et al. 2019;Najafi et al. 2020). CBD exhibited much higher anti-oxidant activity than vitamin C or a-tocopherol (Iffland and Grotenhermen 2017). ...