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In Leba ncn, as in other developing countries, the female activity rate is increasing. The participation of women in economic production has been reported to be 17% of the total labor force. (ECWA, 1978). Although this rate is small compared to western nations, it is probably the highest in the Arab World .


... The results indicated that "Lebanese working women share more in decision making than the non-working, and the operative authority structure in their family tends to be equalitarian" vi ). Furthermore, the study revealed, "the data on division of household tasks supported the hypothesis that women's employment outside the home gave them more opportunities to be helped by their husbands in housework" ( Haidar et al., 1980). The publication of this study, in addition to other studies focused on Lebanon in the same issue, such as "Woman's Image in the Lebanese Press 1935Press -1975Press " (1980 and "What is Wrong with Our Family Traditions?" Illiteracy and education, while still major issues affecting women, were no longer presented as Publication support provided by eScienta (www.escienta.com) ...