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Currently, no specific animal-based measures (ABMs) protocols are available for geese in commercial meat production systems. Following a critical review of the literature and consultation of experts, seven ABMs, potentially valid and feasible for the on-farm welfare assessment of geese, were identified and then tested in 12 farms in Poland to asses...


... Social consciousness about the condition of rearing farm animals has become a major alarm in recent years 1 . The report of Tremolada et al. 2 indicated that animal welfare is a precondition for companies to develop high-quality and sound animal products for the world market. An important criterion in the assessment of ruminant welfare is their maintenance behaviour 3 which includes feeding, standing, walking, lying etc. Maintenance behaviour refers to activities such as ingestion of feed and water, comfort-seeking and behaviour related to rest or exploration, all of which typically function to maintain the physiological status, comfort and appearance of the animal. ...