H Ozturk's research while affiliated with T.C. Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi and other places

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Clonal variation in the production of female and male strobili was studied in seed orchards of Pinus brutia in southern, and those of P. nigra and P. sylvestris in northern Turkey. Large dif-ferences in female and male fertility among clones were found. The most abundant quartile of clones in P. brutia, P. nigra and P. sylvestris seed orchards prod...


... Thus, Li Bailian et al. [29] noted that the increase in the volume of incense pine wood was higher by 12% when rejecting the worst clones on the plantations of the first generation and 30% of the second generation. Clone plantations of Ladanna pine have been created in the USA [30], Calabrian pine, black and Pinus sylvestris in Turkey [31]. Xu Jin et al. [32] studied the variability of Masson pine on the plantation of 140 clones, Y. Moriguchi et al. [35] -Japanese cryptomeria, A.D. Yanchuk et al. [34] studied Sithoi fir tree in Canada, where the variability of wood stocks in depending on clone affiliation was established. ...