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A previously used model for the heliospheric modulation of cosmic rays including a solar wind termination shock (TS) is extended to include an asymmetrically shaped outer modulation boundary, with respect to the Sun. The model includes particle drifts, adiabatic energy changes, diffusion, convection, and a heliosheath. It is used to study the effec...


... If ( · V) > 0, adiabatic energy losses are described, which become quite large in the inner heliosphere (see the comprehensive review by Fisk, 1979). If ( · V) < 0, energy gains are described, which may be the case for ACRs in the heliosheath (illustrated, e.g., by Langner et al., 2006b; Strauss et al., 2010b). If ( · V) = 0, no adiabatic energy changes occur for CRs, perhaps the case beyond the TS. ...