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The current cities’ urban challenges go through digitalization and integration of new technologies under the perspective of actual and future ecological, as well as socio-economic commitments. This process is translated into the Open Standardized Urban Data Platform, which plays a pivotal role. Within its main functionalities, data ingestion, analy...


... The authors argue that the main driver should be to help cities follow zero carbon strategies via the inclusion of all major sectors of CO2 generation. Similarly, Hernández et al. [4] see the end goal of the digitalisation of cities is to become more environmentally friendly, which as a process can be achieved via the Open Standardized Urban Platform with the main functionalities of data ingestion, analytics and services. Badidi & Maheswaran [5] and Chenget al. [6] put the deployment of sensors as being more central in Urban Platforms' applications, with the end goal to improve the quality of life. ...