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Legumes were an important component of crop rotations in the southern United States before World War II. In the post-war years, however, inexpensive and abundant fertilizer N diminished the role of N-fixing plants in cropping systems. There has been little research since 1960 on winter legumes in terms of their contribution to soil and crop managem...


... Intercropping cover crops with orchards can supply forage, which is a sustainable orchard management strategy. Compared with bare orchards, natural grass has a positive effect on soil physicochemical properties, microbial activities, and fruit yield and quality (Hoyt and Hargrove, 1986;Wardle et al., 2001;Milgroom et al., 2007). Monteiro and Lopes (2007) demonstrated that natural grass is more conducive to achieve a balanced supply of mineral elements and improve fruit yield and quality. ...