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In this paper we derive a formula for the number of code words of a DC2-balanced codes. This number is expressed as a coefficient of a generating function in two variables. In addition, we establish a lower as well as an upper bound for this number. In particular, we show that the information rate tends to unity when the code length tends to infini...
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Many modulation systems used in magnetic and optical recording are based on binary run-length-limited codes. We generalize the concept of dk -limited sequences of length n introduced by Tang and Bald by imposing constraints on the maximum number of consecutive zeros at the beginning and the end of the sequences. It is shown that the encoding and de...


... Later, this result inspired Immink and others to design enumerative constrained codes [35], [36]. Works focusing on the enumeration of constrained sequences include [37] and [38], while other works introducing constrained code constructions based on enumerative approaches include [39], [40], and [41]. This result of Cover will play a fundamental role in the general method for designing constrained codes based on lexicographic indexing we present in this paper. ...