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A method for obtaining 1H NMR spectra of org. mols. covalently attached to solid - phase synthesis beads using magic angle spinning in a conventional spectrometer is described. The new method offers substantial qual. and quant. advantages and makes 1H NMR truly available as an anal. tool to the solid - phase synthesis practitioner


... The fundamental requirement is that the spinning rate must exceed the linewidth, which may be many kilohertz. In some instances, typically with soft solids or gels, a relatively slow spinning rate ($3000-5000 Hz) is applied under high-resolution MAS (HR-MAS) conditions, requiring a specialized probe to achieve liquid-state-like resolution (Fitch et al. 1994). In samples with broader lines and (or) slower motion that are not amenable to HR-MAS, the required spinning rates tend to be higher and distinct solid-oriented classes of experiment are applied. ...