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Global biodiversity loss and mass extinction of species are two of the most critical environmental issues the world is currently facing, resulting in the disruption of various ecosystems central to environmental functions and human health. Microbiome-targeted interventions, such as probiotics and microbiome transplants, are emerging as potential op...


... Similar guidance for industry could use AMR measurements to factor the microbiota impacts of antimicrobial releases into resulting product costs and local and national regulations. In the medium-term, thinking through the planetary vulnerabilities and different speeds of antimicrobial exposure could pair "microbiome stewardship" (Peixoto et al. 2022) and investment in the remediation of antimicrobial exposures with an acknowledgement of the significant differences with which the Antibiocene's fallouts have been distributed. Through the lens of the Antibiocene, ecological concepts of eubiotic balance thus become intimately paired with considerations of unequal exposures, temporal shifts, and (in)justice (Ishaq et al. 2021). ...