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Over the past three decades, scholars studying the phenomenon of political scandal have mostly based their works on the premise that scandals can only occur in liberal democracies. Contradictory to this assumption, however, some of the most heavily discussed phenomena in contemporary semi-authoritarian Russia are scandals emanating from the new, vi...


... Murphy, F. (2017) states that tendencies such as widespread visual political irony, "slacktivism" 1 and horizontal communication structures can be considered inevitable difficulties with modern online communication and fundamental limitations of the internet itself as a political tool. Research on Russian internet as a 'revolutionary space' is conducted by Toepfl (2011), Popkova (2014) Ermoshina & Musiani (2017), Asmolov & Kolozaridi (2021). Furthermore, Lokot (2018)'s paper finds that Russian opposition activists place a high value on digital, media, and security literacy and that navigating the internet using security tools and protocols such as VPN, two-phase authentication, and encrypted messaging is increasingly seen as the default modus operandi for those participating in organized dissent in Russia to mitigate growing state surveillance. ...