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As evidenced by numerous case reports from zoos, neoplasia in felids is common, but most reports are limited to Panthera species in North America or Europe. In order to obtain a wider epidemiologic understanding of neoplasia distribution, necropsy records at seven facilities (USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil) were evaluated. In contrast to o...


... Captive felids with ovarian papillary cystadenocarcinomas or granulosa cell tumors are recorded [63]. Neoplasia is more common in Panthera species than in other captive felids; in particular, tumors of the reproductive tract; and neoplasia was associated with increasing age [72]. Prolonged intra- abdominal testicular tissue predisposes animals to interstitial cell tumors, as seen in a polled goat with a DSD that developed bilateral interstitial cell tumors in malformed intra-abdominal testicular tissue [19]. ...